October 25, 2006

Air & Architecture

There is a mini film about Nike design guru Tinker Hatfield about the creation of the Nike Air series. It’s all filled with all his nuggets of inspiration among these Centre Pompidou in Paris – interesting.

W+K London also has a post about his appearance with Michael Jordan in Nike Town.


October 09, 2006

Good & Bad Generators

In the holy name of engagement every advertiser seems to be offering consumer generating tools. Lot’s of them fail because the demand to much involvement and too little output.

The advertisers haven’t asked themselves the crucial questions – Would they spent time doing it themselves/their children? Who would spend time doing it at all? Iain Tait wrote a clever post about this a while ago (

You shouldn’t create your engagement tools because technology allows you to, but because you offer your something that’s worth something for someone.

The audio cassette tape generator (
http://www.says-it.com/cassette/index.php) pictured above is a good example of something that’s really easy and really funny - I made special one for the old members in my high school rock band.

The Staufenberger Repository has a brilliant list of generators with little involvement and surprising output

It’s here:
And here:

October 04, 2006

Gondry get's it

I’m looking very much forward to the next Michel Gondry movie The Science of Sleep. As the multifaceted artist Gondry is, the movie is accompanied by a lot of interesting initiatives.

First is an exhibition in New York with Deitch Projects which allegedly should be - sculptures and creepy pathological little gifts. The further explain that a walk through the exhibition will immerse the viewer in the sculptural experience of the movie in three dimensions – not your usual movie marketing promo.

The films website has lots of great features and material.

The best one is a project where Gondry invites people to share their dreams in the best of consumer generated spirit.


I have a thing with post-it notes in all sizes and colours. The are great at all sorts of things off course your to do list, brainstorming, remembering pages and places, little notes to the girlfriend, random thoughts and generally organising the chaos.

Above there is a consumer generated street art project from New York where people are allowed to write on the notes – interesting to see if there is some clever ones see more here:

Here is a similar thing I saw at Copenhagen’s A-House where an artist had written all the big philosophical, human and political subjects in the form of to do lists – always thought provoking.