May 16, 2007

No Likemind Cph. this Friday

There is a bank holiday in Denmark this Friday, see you next time.

Diesel Wall in Copenhagen

If there is a company that always dose great collaboration (or piggy-backing - depending on how you see it) with the urban influencers it’s Diesel. Their initiatives into art , music and - a bit closer to the jeans - in high fashion are always interesting and seems like they are coming from a brand that has creativity deeply rooted in the personality.
The Diesel Wall initiative is simple and cool stuff. You find a big wall in a city and make local artist compete for the space. Now it has come to Copenhagen, which yet another example of my hometown becoming part of the “must do cities” when it comes to international company selecting cool cities to launch their initiatives.
Their new explorations into the digital age with the “Heidies” campaign also works really well and seems to be really effective too.

And finally their Global Warming Ready print campaign seems to cause some stir – superficially exploiting the new found green consciousness or intelligently commenting on that - you decide?
Enough Renzo Rosso praise for now - here are the links:

Diesell Wall

“Heidies” underwear campaign results:

Global Warming Ready campaign discussions: