November 24, 2004

We will win next year

There’s nothing like the good spirits of amateur sports. Personally the soccer team I play on didn’t win the tournament this year. We where close though. We lost in the final round and finished in third position. (No, need to say number one and two got to play the national championships at our level…)

I think there is tons of insights that sport marketers could fire off from amateur sport. In the new funny Nike Shox spots they have captured the potential of Mr. Average in a running challenge with a Hot-Dog stand. Funny too see that it also works for Nike without no high-profiled stars. More of these amateur moments please.

November 17, 2004

Talk is silver, silence is gold

The world is so noisy so either you’ll have to scream louder or do something completely opposite –e.g. Take the silent approach. I’ll like some more arresting images and room for reflection and perception without noise.

The new paradigm in ad testing suggests testing not only the explicit memory but also the implicit memory. New research methods will more easily show the effects of more silent advertising. And hopefully show that you can evoke strong instinctive, cognitive and emotional feelings even without the screaming.

November 16, 2004

Let them sing it for you

The Swede Erik B√ľnger has made this sound project where he let’s famous singers sing whatever words (over 1400 different ones) you put together.

Mr. Way to Creative

I just stumbled over this car. The man behind seamlessly has a creative and innovation company that can either be understood as “All for the creative” or” Way To creative” in Danish.

I wouldn’t give him a call.

November 10, 2004

Architecture as a main branding tool

The great blog recently wrote about a tiny coffee shop in New York that is differentiating them from big corporate competitors by using architecture as the main tool.

Few big retailers have really seized the potential of a profound belief in architecture.

Of course some fashion retailers have impressing flagship architecture and also Apple have grasped the potential. But I guess many more ordinary and non-lifestyle chic brands could get their uniqueness from this. Maybe even a funny building for a Toy-store could work.

I’m digging a hole

I believe in the power of lateral thinking as the most lethal disruptive weapon into breaking barriers in terms of media and cross cultural target groups.

The great thinker Edward De Bono says: "You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper"