August 30, 2004

Consumer Insight gone mad ?

An Australian woman has through thousands of interviews concluded that women want panties with no visible panty line.

“Fine a g-string is not invisible enough ok then maybe you should go commando”

No says Ms. Jan Digney – she has constructed these panties (the Pert Backless Brief) that are bonded together underneath the bottom. I would be surprised if they sell - but hey maybe that’s what woman want.

August 26, 2004

Viral music promo from the psychedelic choir

The Polyphonic Spree has made this very time consuming game-song-viralpromotion-site. It’s quite original like their music. Warning - took me 20 minutes to get through.

August 24, 2004

Beer & Women

Two things seem to bring most men together in beautiful harmony. We can agree that nothing beats beer & women. So let’s combine these two things one ad guy or another obviously has been thinking. I think I laughed at that trick myself once or twice. But let’s see another insight to beer drinking used just once.

Then how about some genuine male bonding – wassup dude that is also used.

Ok but how about seeing the world with “beer goggles” – the world sure looks different from the imaginary goggles I get from drinking the usual 10 lager. The world is such a funny place when you have that good buzz let’s capture that. That could even include how that bird looked at night and then again next morning.

August 23, 2004

Me, myself & the guitar #1

It’s funny how guitar playing is something that is natural when you’re either down and blue or on top of the world. All those many days that are just in between the guitar just seems out of tune.

Free Wheeling is the new yoga

In Copenhagen we have free city bikes. Tourist loves them even though you sit very poorly.

Free wheeling is a new meditative exercise I can highly recommend.

It’s very simple you go on your bike put on your favourite playlist on the IPod (or your Discman if you’re an old school’er) you constantly drive the opposite direction of the road you know. You’ll find yourself in places you have never seen before with the world just passing by in the most relaxing way.

Face off

No nostalgia but it’s always sad to loose another source to urban living. Guess it’s going to be the future equivalent to highly prized vintage numbers of Life Magazine.


How do you invent those new cutting edge running shoes, the next marketing plan, state-of-the art ad campaign.

To Bryan Finke of Nike the road to innovation comes from this simple definition:

“get out, be a sponge, gain insight, translate that into innovation in everything you do”.

Taken from the on-line magazine-

August 20, 2004

Flat feeling

Am I the only being a bit tired of all the flat screen mania. Dealing on a daily basis with an account just about to launch a flat 42” (a really nice and unique one though) I wonder if the TV-design DNA of most companies are disappearing.

What happened to the good old telly. My old cherry tree B&O sure is not flat but it has something that most flat screens don’t have- personality

August 18, 2004

Action speaks louder than words

It’s beautiful to see such simple wisdom displayed on a piece of art.

August 17, 2004

Op Art = good advertising

I’m a big fan of Op Art. It’s all over the place right now in fashion, graphic design and art off course. But the funny thing is that it’s sort of the same as good advertising. Simple on the outside but so full of good layers that there is always new ways of experiencing it.

August 16, 2004

Get a haircut instead

The quality of shampoo varies but basically the biggest difference is smell and texture. On the other hand your hair style is much more depended on the person cutting your hair. Shampoo at reasonably prices should instead give you the freedom to spend your money on what really counts - a good haircut.

August 12, 2004

8. Wonder

We We often define the big steps for mankind in terms of monumental buildings, constructions, discoveries. But if you ask me the real magic on our little planet is all the more subtle inventions and individuals. People that with e.g. a simple pop song can make the whole world smile for decades.

I even set up small party to celebrate the 8. Wonder of the world – my brother made a lot of paintings of all the iconic musicians that made the big steps for music and mankind.

View to kill for

The view from my desk. Overlooking the landside of Denmarks famous hippie commune Christania. Lunch sometimes extends the 1/2 hour in the summertime