June 28, 2005

All about the work

It’s funny to reed between the lines of the statements both advertisers and agencies publish after a pitch. Often it seems the formula for the perfect pitch is phenomenons like: budget optimization, holding company consolidation, old personal ties, fee considerations, branding process mania, internal office politics, ancient accolades and lots of other fancy management buzzwords.

Therefore it’s comforting to see advertisers that actually go after the work and nothing but the work. The talented people at Cliff Freeman and Partners got this statement from chairman and CEO Mark Wattles from Ultimate Electronics after a review.

Cliff Freeman and Partners gets it, understands the mindset of our customer and creates fantastic communications that people remember and respond to.

This is simple but great guiding principles for choosing an ad agency.

June 24, 2005

The mini has parked

The Crispin Porter + Bogusky campaign for Mini has finally found its way to Denmark. I’ve heard it’s on tour just like a rock band – kind of cool to think of an ad campaign that has so much impact it gets equipped with gear and tour roadies. The late arrival here in Denmark probably has to do with the fact that we have highest car prizes in the world and the Mini target group therefore is quite small. It’s more affluent executives and less young first time car owners that they are aiming at.

June 10, 2005

A no patience society

I just stopped by these new traffic lights where the shifting of the lights is indicated in seconds. It must be the ultimate sign of a world that has been influenced by our impatience behind the computer screen.

Sure we live in a stressful world where everything is getting optimized so it takes less time so we can spend more time on what really matters family, friends and leisure time. But this is really a step towards being aware of time every second of the day – no time to let the mind fly away for a little while in the middle of the traffic jam. Yet most people would probably argue it is quite practical.

Anyone for bridge

No doubt that bridge is a brilliant mind game – I’ve heard people talk very passionate about it. It’s just hilarious to see that kind of enthusiasm on a bumper sticker.