September 28, 2004

Bands are great brands

Just think about how lucky the happy owners of bands are. Everybody is interested in them – they have fans that are craving for brand knowledge and interaction.

They can get away with inconsistency - people even tend to worship them reinventing themselves from campaign to campaign (or album to album).

They can get away with silly names for their brands and their sub-brands (albums) are being virally distributed even before they are launched.

September 27, 2004

Turn Table 2.0

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the best off two worlds?

A Turn Table with the possibility to run your own personal DJ-thing with your old 45’s. And a devise to connect to you’re Ipod. You could even have a program that would make it possible to mix between the two…maybe it’s already outthere.

September 17, 2004

Democratic Art

Just found these pictures off the Internet, where the artist had made them ready to download for everyone to display at home.
I mean there you have some sort of consequence behind a wish to share your work with the world un-like let’s say a few record company bosses and others.

Sneakers from hell

It’s funny how the wonderful game of bowling seems to be the only places where we accept total absence of our fashion consciousness for a little while…I wonder if people would do the same in other more fancy social contexts

September 16, 2004

Metro Pole ?

I recently took a ride on Copenhagens Underground (It’s called The Metro in Danish) and even though it currently only connects 17 stations it’s rather impressive and it made me think of my city as a true metro pole. So I thought of some argumentation that Copenhagen actually had become a metro pole.

1. The Underground obviously

2. The City is finally becoming multi-ethnic and slowly adapting the international atmosphere that is needed if we want to attract clever minds from all over the world

3. We have big events coming – The European MTV Awards are probably coming to Copenhagen in 2006, in 2005 we will have the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen 100 years birthday

4. The city is growing and new hotels and conference facilities are popping up all the time

5. It’s becoming a centre for creativity

Architecture – The new architectural firm PLOT just bested Frank Gehry, Daniel Liebeskind and others at the Biennale in Venice and revitalized our proud traditions from the likes of e.g. Jørn Utzon, Henning Larsen, and Arne Jacobsen

Film – with the foundation of the “Dogme” movement Lars Von Trier and his fellow Danish filmmakers are continuously doing great films with good ticket sales all over Europe.

Games – IO Interactive in the front with their international blockbusters Hitman 1 & 2 and Freedom/ Soldiers of Liberty. Denmark are about to become an important “player” in the fast growing game-market.

Design – we have a proud tradition all the way back from the fifties modernists with Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Hans Wegner Verner Panton. Now we have lots of new names emerging.

Fashion - Copenhagen have with a lot of new exiting designers become the third or fourth largest Fashion week in the world.

Only in advertising Copenhagen seems to be lacking behind we don’t have any substantial international assignments not even the international Danish brands like Carlsberg., Lego, B&O & Ecco or even any Scandinavian accounts like SAAB, Volvo, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Absolut & Ikea. With the advertisng we do we don’t even seem to get any critical acclaim at the awards shows.

September 13, 2004

White men can’t jump and a guy from Fiji is the best golfer right now

In the world of sports, competition is king but only your talent and capabilities determine your status, not your financial or demographic background.

Sport is the field where an affluent western kid is not more likely to succeed than a poor street raised South American kid.

So if you can bend it like Beckham or shoot it like Shaq the sky is the limit.

Sport = the power of equality

September 08, 2004

FADS means Fashion ADS

Am I the only one that wonders why so few fashion advertisers really seam to care about building long term brand equity.

It's understandable that some high fashion haute couture companies only have to scoop the season’s photographer and model and let their clothes speak for themselves.

What I can't understand is so few brands try to make some sort of consistency.

You can imagine some of them saying “we want advertising as fresh as the seasons clothing”. But I truly believe you can have something fresh within a concept, an attitude, a style and tone, a universe. But off course there are good examples like some of the jeans brands especially Diesel but also Lee and Levis. Also Benetton, Miss Sixty, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, Björn Borg, Nike, Adidas are consistent …

Hanging out

Thought it was a good visual brief to what tea drinking is all about.

On one hand the significant physical attributes of the product and on the other hand the obvious social context in which the product is always used.

September 06, 2004

1000 dollar exhibit

I receive an idea a day for free from
I thought today’s could be used for various empty store spaces around the worlds metro poles.

Open the Museum of One Thousand Dollars. Each exhibit would be an example of what one thousand dollars can buy. Items on display might include a used car, a heap of chocolate bars or a Cartier cigarette lighter. The exhibits would change regularly to reflect current trends and prices.

day 1478 by Casey Morello

Generation Lego

Just read through the booklet from Michel Gondry’s DVD collection. Among many funny and original explanations he talks about the White Stripes “Fell in love with a girl” video and his inspiration.

He refers to his generation as the “Generation Lego” – explained with the toys very basic foundation for creativity and its ability to construct an idea from zero, all by association.

I guess the 10-25 year olds are the “Generation Playstation” where creativity are not developed from zero but within the ability to deconstruct, merge, mix & match, sample.

So the existentialistic question is which basic skills are the one’s needed to be creative in our society today.

September 01, 2004

Just Add Spices

I can’t stand seeing more usage of famous people in ads, reality-shows and media in general. When it’s just endorsers without any relevance it’s only superficial spicing – I prefer more substance based on real ideas

Spices are good if used right but doesn’t cure bad meat…

Doggy Love

Sarah Silverman is like most talented comedians an excellent strategic planner in terms of pin-pointing insights on the human nature.
These two doggy quotes are funny:

“Every little human quality your dog has that’s so fucking cute – remember, people have them too (Asshole.)”

“Your dog doesn’t really love you. He loves that you feet him. But you can see as love if it helps you not kill yourself (I do.)”