March 30, 2005

Dancing in the streets

Diesels new musical campaign dancing in the streets of Copenhagen

March 22, 2005

Danger Danger

As I grow older I find myself jumping into less and less real challenges on a pure physical level. Challenges seem to more mind based these days give or take a hard soccer match or two.

So when I was asked to go Helicopter Skiing in the Swiss Alps last week my adrenaline started to pump in this nice “I’m aliveeeee” kind of way.

Suddenly I found myself and small group escorted by a single mountaineer on top of a mountain in 3800 hundred meters height. Before us was 3 hours of skiing (and 1 ½ hour of randonee walking up hill) through cliffs, avalanches, glacier cracks and first and foremost powder snow.

I guess the mountain outlook on my computer wallpaper is a bit pathetic but it makes look to forward to the next adrenaline extreme kick.

March 21, 2005

Going Heli Skiing

My bank contact the lyricist

The direct marketing discipline is often described as the most effective medium in terms of correlation between ad budget and sales. Personally I rarely find myself being affected by the mails that lands in my private mailbox.

Then the other day I was somewhat surprised to see that a contact from my bank had written a little poem as an intro to a request about finance for a new car. It was about dreams and discontent with my current life. All good questions asked but probably not something I would discuss with a man I have never met unless he had a psychology degree or something.

March 02, 2005

Water octane 98

I just passed by one of those consumer tests on water. Not surprisingly the tap water was almost rated as good as those highly priced designer bottles – off course it have to be said that the Danish ground water is rather clean though.

But it made me think what if the quality of water wasn’t’ just a matter of branding exclusive labels and bottles but also was associated with the more factual brand attributes like mineral containment and stuff.

Water is the human fuel and like cars we can fill ourselves with different qualities for the engine. In a market where everything is developed in terms of origin and bottle design…what if a company only focused on the quality of the water and that was what you paid for like the quality of fuel at a gas station.