August 26, 2005

Best Heinz ad this year

In the brave new world of marketing where everybody’s looking for the next untraditional approach to advertise their product, sometimes the answer comes from unexpected places. In the newest Jamiroquai video “Seven days in June” there is a splendid piece of branded entertainment. The story is simply a slice of life in the best of locations – summer party in the country. It’s all fun fun fun until the crowd identifies a problem at the grill. Where is the ketchup? Problem is solved when a chopper comes along with a net containing “the slow ketchup” and to the crowds big applause jumps it of. Heinz should pay Jay Kay for that stunt, maybe they are.

See the video

August 16, 2005

Post a secret

This is a great site

It’s filled with people’s anonymous posted secrets displayed nicely on postcards. Here you have various insights to the most defining characteristics of people. Some hilarious, some quite horrifying, and some even rather sad.

August 04, 2005

lessons from first aid

Last week we held an agency lecture in first aid including instructions on cpr, wounds, burns, broken bones and last but not least stopping fire.

It makes me wonder how smart we are when it comes to guidelines and instructions to something that really matters. It’s not like the guidelines in other aspects of life. Like your 20 different remote controls, software that doesn’t support each other, incomprehensible manuals etc.

The world would be a much easier place to live in if everybody thought of their guidelines and instruction as if it was a matter of life and death.

Great CRM

Saw this at a restaurant this weekend. The food was good I’ll be back.

August 02, 2005

Summer reading 2

Being a big Kubrick fan and also and an admirer of many of the Taschen books. The Stanley Kubrick Archives is a scoop.

The book is mixture of background articles/interviews/essays with the auteur himself and then great still pictures from the films. (great review from

The book starts of with the ultimate Kubrick aficionado item- an original 70 mm film strip from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Going through the whole book it’s hard not see Kubrick as the best director of all times. Being a conventional coffee-table book at first glance it’s amazing how the book is actually an intelligent and exhaustive, film-by-film analysis.

I especially enjoy the part with A Clockwork Orange. I’ve seen the film more then 20 times over the years dating back to writing my main thesis in high school on the film.

Even seen from an advertising point of view it’s a must read/view on breakthrough art direction and graphic design and from a mere anthropologic view a brain picker into a masters dissection of the human mind in all its many forms.

Summer reading 1

It’s summertime. Time to catch up on some of the books I have only merely glanced through earlier this year. On the strategy and planning front I finally got through Malcolm Gladwells “Blink” and Bruce Mau’s “Massive Change”. Great reads both of them because their both packed with possible analogies for how the modern world of communication works and how we can work differently as communicators and agency people. There’s a great little review of Blink seen from an advertising point of view over at Russell Davies site