December 08, 2005

Video Heaven

It’s probably old news but I just found this file sharing site that is the Flickr of video. It’s called YouTube and you have lots and lots of videos both amateur stuff and official music videos. It’s off course filled with tags, video podcasting possibilities and other nice devices. My first experience was somebody that sent me a link to the brilliant Johnny Cash cover version of Hurt.

How I love this “open source web 2.0” world.
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Colourful briefing

Guess it’s good to have your good old “who, what, when, where, why & how” when briefing on a communication assignment. It’s the essentials and you can never really go wrong there. Having said I lean towards adding a few additional layers to the briefing sessions. It’s my experience that the classical one page word document can be spiced up a little bit. Do a book with just as many pictures as words. Do a book only with pictures. Have somebody draw the brief (or do it yourself). Make a brief package with lots of physical material that’s relevant for the assignment – maybe even the actual product. Do the brief as a game with lots of questions to be answered. Do the briefing in an inspiring location. Do something different.  Posted by Picasa