October 18, 2005

Challenging Dough

For the third year in row Diesel in Scandinavia is having their much acclaimed Diesel New Art (DNA) which is a platform for innovative art and design. Thousands of young and relatively unknown artists are trying to get in to the exhibitions in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm and hopefully establishing them amongst art buyers and others. I saw it the other week and one of the pieces especially caught my attention. A pretty weird picture of a round table of people covered in dough. It was by an artist called Søren Dahlgaard with the title “Elliptic Touchdown 4” and was described as the challenge on dough- whatever that is. But that’s the thing about art and graphics you don’t always have to understand everything to be drawn into it. Posted by Picasa

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cipher said...

Looking at the dough reminded me of a school kid...all primed up to be moulded into shape...who knows what dreams may come!