March 19, 2007

Likemind Friday in Copenhagen

Friday we had our first Likemind Cph. gathering at Risteriet.

Nine early risers made it this cold but sunny spring morning. Since it was our first Likemind I think it was quite ok to see that many faces for a premiere - mostly coming from the Danish planning community. The discussions where around many different subjects, the ultimate centre of attention though, where the Mattel Badge Maker - designed to make you do a badge on the spot.

Suggestions where many – from our Frenchman Bertrand’s “Vive La Strat├ęgie” to the very optimistic Yes badge (Ja, in Danish) from Rikke. I’m sure we are going to see lot’s of very professional pre-produced suggestions next time.

Next time we hope to see lots of new faces and people from more diverse backgrounds (we would like to se both you Maria, and you Einar).

The Likemind date for next month is April 20th - same time, same place.

More photos on my Flickr page:


geeky planner said...

Greetings from Manila! I'm thinking of starting a planners group as well here but I don't know where to begin. How did you get around to doing it over there in Copenhagen?

Rock'n'roll & Advertising said...

You should just give the Likemind guys an e-mail or go to their site.
e-mail is:

And then make all your planning buddies and other interesting people show up.

Have nice conversations. Take a lot of pictures. Drink coffee and have fun.