June 05, 2007

Can you buy that for money?

Either it’s a brand enthusiasm thing or Big Steve has been paying the big bucks to the Coen Brothers with them endorsing the new Apple Color feature on Final Cut Pro like this:

“Color is really revolutionary,” states Joel Coen about the new, professional color grading tool debuting in Final Cut Studio 2. In fact, the application “seems calculated to appeal to us.” That’s because the Coen Brothers enjoy being on the leading edge. Their highly praised “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” was “the first feature film where the entire movie was digitized and where we used digital intermediates as opposed to photo chemical grading.” Known for taking a holistic approach to filmmaking, the pair involve themselves in every step of the process. “We write our own scripts. We cut our own movies. And we’re involved in the process all the way to the end.” With Color, they can now sit down in front of a Mac and “play with contrast and de-saturation and approximate the look” they want for their film.

The probably got a couple of them for free but, I don’t think this is a case of corporate prostitution. What do you say?

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