December 14, 2007

A blogrocking naked goodbye

This blog have been quiet for a long long time. Lot's of things have happened. In highlights I'm now a married man to my fantastic wife Cecilie. I given up my job for nearly 5 years at La Familia. I'm now a Naked Man.

More specifically I have just co-founded Naked Communications new Copenhagen office, where I will be a partner. We will be an office in Naked's Nordic & Central/Eastern-European offering. This exiting journey began officially in the beginning of december and we are going to document the making of an office in true flickr style on the below address - if anyone should be interested:

So, this means this blog is going to continue to be quiet as I will devote my time to my new adventures. Blogging here has been one of the most valuable experiences in my time in communications. The blogosphere has given me such an outlook and my RSS feeds are still up to more than 100.

A part from our Flickr thingy - my new contact details are:
+45 40 98 52 35

Naked Communications
Kompanistræde 10, 3'rd floor
1208 Copenhagen
Att.: Casper Willer

Hope to see you in the real world.


hidden persuader said...

All the best in your new adveture Casper. Take care, cheerio.

fredrik sarnblad said...

Congrats on your new job! Brilliant news. And all the very best to you in your Naked venture.