January 12, 2005


The juxtaposition of IKEA in the US is going from a SAAB to a Ford according to Dick Sittig of IKEA’s newly appointed US agency Secret Weapon Marketing.

In what way did you shift Ikea's target demo in your first work for the retailer?

From everyone who drives a Saab to everyone who drives a Ford. The [Crispin Porter + Bogusky] commercials were entertaining to the advertising community and to the Saab-driving, indie-film-watching, soy-eating crowd. But that award-winning TV work was not getting the results that Ikea wanted.(taken from Adweek’s Randi Schmelzer interview with Dick Sittig January 10, 2005)

I personally really liked CP+B. work and thought it could have evolved into a truly universally speaking campaign to both a Saab and Ford loving audience. But what am I to say being in the advertising business.

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