February 15, 2005

Missy didn’t respect the queen

First you find the most perfect fitted brand endorser for your global hip (hop) youth culture brand. You make her co-design it and even sign it with her own name. You open various little teaser shops as a pre-launch to engage the urban inventors and trendsetters that stands first in line in the adoption curve. Then the message gets passed around - a worthy viral phenomenon. The ads look good and especially the logo is bling. It looks like the ideal launch strategy for the Adidas “Respect/Missy Elliot”.

Then a minor detail with occurs with the logo. Her Majesty The Queen Of Denmark and her representatives thinks it’s to the crown exclusively representing Her Majesty. The Danish State threads to sue the Herzogenaurach based global sports supplier and Adidas hereafter takes the Missy line back from the Danish shops. Furthermore The Danish state encourages the other European Monarchies to ban the use of the crown as well.

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