February 09, 2005

Reality TV & Advertising

Over at Gareth Kay’s site there is a great post on the possible correlation between the emerging world of Reality TV and new ways of looking at consumer insight in advertising.

I totally agree that the raw an unfiltered interpretation of everyday life that is the pivotal point for Reality TV can be used for brands and consumer insights. Way to often our insights is given a layer of glossiness in order to make brand owners find themselves in the consumer portrayal. I think it’s a brilliant analogy for how we can pursue a more Gladwell’ish stickiness in our work. Only there are a lot of ugly insights out there in the real world I wouldn’t pass on to brands. I recently saw a clip from something called “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance” – what a terrible way to use poor people that weren’t aware of what they where a part of.

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