March 22, 2005

Danger Danger

As I grow older I find myself jumping into less and less real challenges on a pure physical level. Challenges seem to more mind based these days give or take a hard soccer match or two.

So when I was asked to go Helicopter Skiing in the Swiss Alps last week my adrenaline started to pump in this nice “I’m aliveeeee” kind of way.

Suddenly I found myself and small group escorted by a single mountaineer on top of a mountain in 3800 hundred meters height. Before us was 3 hours of skiing (and 1 ½ hour of randonee walking up hill) through cliffs, avalanches, glacier cracks and first and foremost powder snow.

I guess the mountain outlook on my computer wallpaper is a bit pathetic but it makes look to forward to the next adrenaline extreme kick.

1 comment:

Luke said...

Totally brilliant photo actually. :)