May 09, 2005

That must be quality

I’ve always found the discipline of creating names one of the very funny processes of advertising. It’s one of the rare chances to create something that will be associated with the product or service forever. Campaigns, communication platforms and taglines come and go but names are here to stay. Even though there is a bit of theoretical advice on the subject it’s always fresh, new and difficult.

The branding theories suggest three basic name categories. There is The Descriptive Name (e.g. Yellow Pages), The Associative Name (e.g. Budget Rent a Car) or The Freestanding Name (Apple) to choose from.

Whatever you might choose there are lots of silly names out there. I especially have a problem with a large amount of the associative names which often is just flat and pretentious superlatives. Adding a word like quality to the category you belong to is not a very inspiring promise for a brand.

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