November 17, 2005

Design to Improve Life

The international design festival INDEX:.was held in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago. The theme was design and innovation that can improve life. The winner team consisted of the Dane Torben Vestergaard Frandsen, Rob Fleuren from Holland and Moshe Frommer from Israel. The winning object was the revolutionary LifeStrawTM. The straw is aimed at the population in the 3rd world, and they will benefit by having the possibility of clean water with a pipe filter. The worlds greatest killer is diarrhoeal diseases from bacteria like typhoid, cholera, e. coli, salmonella etc. With a LifeStrawTM one person’s annual needs of clean water can be fulfilled and nobody needs to die from these diseases.

This kind of design and innovation that is so strongly based on human observation and use of both anthropology and ethnography is really inspiring.
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