July 14, 2006

Going on summer holiday

I’m going on holiday from Sunday and will be back 31st of July. It’s been a busy month so hopefully I’ll have more time to blog when I get back.

If I had blogged more the last couple of months from the worlds of rock’n’roll & advertising I could have reported from the always splendid Roskilde Festival

I saw Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, The Raconteurs, Roger Water (doing Dark Side Of The Moon), Wolfmother, Arctic Monkeys all in one day.

I could have joined the ongoing discussion around

Coherence vs. Consistency
Complexity vs. Simplicity
Myriad of Ideas vs. Big Idea

All extra provoked by Maurice Saatchi’s One Word Equity nonsense.
See some of the discussion here:

I could have talked about the really nice concert I saw with Gnarls Barkley

They gave an uplifting performance with their mixture of old P-funk, hip-hop, Motown and lots of more indefinable inspirational sources.

Or I could have joined Faris - at Talent Imitates Genius Steals - and his brilliant question on how to make better briefs. I would probably have said that you could add a point of inspiration to each of your what, why, who, how, when or whatever boxes. Stimuli like films, a drawing, a cartoon, a song, cultural phenomenon, a mood board etc.
Or you simply answer the brief together wit the team with the help of question like you see in IDEO’s Method Cards.
See the discussion here:

I could have blogged more basically.

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