July 11, 2006

Join the team

Russell Davies has another one of his excellent projects. This time he will assemble - Six Things Creatives Need To Know About Planners.
Here is my humble advice which is all about advising creative’s to invite the planner into a true team formation – not cause the planners wants step on their creative turf but in order to collaborate like one unit and it goes.
Planners want “that invitation” as the 3rd member of the team (or the 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th depending on other creative disciplines are in the mix).

In trade for this invitation they are willing to:

- Do their best to be interesting
- Give lots of stimuli
- Find insights in the brand, corporate history or audience
- Freeze out the unnecessary and clich├ęd
- Work out the strategic argumentation for your solution
- Help you kill your unworthy darlings
- Share their outlook on new media and service channels
- Fight for your work

Really a rather helpful member of the team
The link to Russell’s post is here:

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