September 15, 2006

Insight classics

There is a great discussion over at Sidewalk Life about the growing problems with consumer research based insights where all too often communication lacks differentiation because it’s generated from the same overall research frames.

The post is here:

This reminded me of a discussion I recently had with a creative team about the two absolute insight classics.

- Imagine a world without brand x

- What does brand x do to the world

The first one seems to be a creative favourite cause it’s quite easy to dramatize and is easy to put a funny, surprising, sarcastic, heartfelt angle to – and you can basically centre your communication on an empathetic look at people’s lives instead of having to be overly product oriented. It has been the insight for many great campaigns and one of the best planning insights ever - Got Milk - is a prime example. It works really well within generic areas whereas in over communicated categories people often love the communications but can’t remember the advertiser who so cleverly looked right into their souls.

The second one is a bit harder you have to really find the brands inner voice, the brands purpose, the brands opinion. There is a great chance you will get a dull corporate mumbo jumbo inside-out approach when it’s worst. But I really feel the last one has the best potential to create not only creative excellence but also communication that creates stronger associations to a brand. The Honda work from W+K London is a great example of this approach.

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