September 15, 2006

The reverse sponsorship deal

The Barcelona deal with UNICEF is interesting for several reasons. First of all it’s the first time a club put on a logo on the jersey and pays - $1.9 million a year for five years – to do it. For Barcelona it’s the first time they put on a logo at all. It’s furthermore just one of many examples of the mass emphasis on CSR as not only part of corporate values but indeed as a main a communication driver. It really highlights the growing need internally and externally to have a purpose a part from making money and pleasing stockholders.
Studies amongst Danish consumers regarding the importance of CSR were just released today. It shows that 79 % think it’s a very factor important that companies the deal work with aid organisations and 90 % will rather give away possible reductions in the price to aid.

The UNICEF announcement is here:

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