August 26, 2005

Best Heinz ad this year

In the brave new world of marketing where everybody’s looking for the next untraditional approach to advertise their product, sometimes the answer comes from unexpected places. In the newest Jamiroquai video “Seven days in June” there is a splendid piece of branded entertainment. The story is simply a slice of life in the best of locations – summer party in the country. It’s all fun fun fun until the crowd identifies a problem at the grill. Where is the ketchup? Problem is solved when a chopper comes along with a net containing “the slow ketchup” and to the crowds big applause jumps it of. Heinz should pay Jay Kay for that stunt, maybe they are.

See the video


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martin said...

I actually think that heinz really paid for that scene. Or at least they paid for that helicopter.
Nowadays crossmarketing doesnt surprise me and why cant place such product placements into cool music videos?