August 02, 2005

Summer reading 2

Being a big Kubrick fan and also and an admirer of many of the Taschen books. The Stanley Kubrick Archives is a scoop.

The book is mixture of background articles/interviews/essays with the auteur himself and then great still pictures from the films. (great review from

The book starts of with the ultimate Kubrick aficionado item- an original 70 mm film strip from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Going through the whole book it’s hard not see Kubrick as the best director of all times. Being a conventional coffee-table book at first glance it’s amazing how the book is actually an intelligent and exhaustive, film-by-film analysis.

I especially enjoy the part with A Clockwork Orange. I’ve seen the film more then 20 times over the years dating back to writing my main thesis in high school on the film.

Even seen from an advertising point of view it’s a must read/view on breakthrough art direction and graphic design and from a mere anthropologic view a brain picker into a masters dissection of the human mind in all its many forms.

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