March 06, 2006

BBC joins the engagement age

I’ve posting an awful lot about consumer engagement and co-creation projects lately and it’s not only because I personally believe it’s one of the most potent marketing trends but it seems a lot of foresighted marketers and media owners have seen the potential lately.

BBC has an interesting project here:

It’s explained as follows:

“Radio 1 Superstar VJs is part of a new kind of service the BBC is piloting, which is not just about enjoying its content but using it to create your own. On this site you'll find nearly 100 clips to download, watch, mix and share under the Creative Archive Licence, all chosen with VJ's in mind and including skylines, sunsets, seascapes, wildlife, time-lapse photography and retro gadgets. We will be adding more clips and programmes soon and have just launched the
Open News Archive offering around 80 iconic reports for download.”

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