March 03, 2006

Moments & Mashups

I recently saw an exhibition with the French photographer Brassaï who is famous for his uncensored, lyrical and sometimes raw pictures of Paris by night in the 1930’s. But what really caught my attention was a brilliant quote that summed up his philosophy and actually captures the wonders of the recent empowerment in mass documentary of everyday life provide by web 2.0 tool like Flick on the picture side and YouTube on moving pictures. The quote simple says “Extract the eternal from the momentary”.

Talking about Flickr there is an interesting article
here in the online edition of Wired linking to the 10 best Mashups of Flickr. It’s a clear example of how strongest marketing efforts in the technology area today is the massive creativity from consumers that use data from sites like Google, Yahoo and Flickr. The probably most famous Flickr Mashup is the “spell with flickr (
) which even a supposedly London creative hotshop has made its website front page graphics (

A mashup, for the unfamiliar, is a hybrid web application that uses data from an outside source to drive a web service. Mashups can be created using data culled from RSS feeds, public databases, or any open data source.

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