March 28, 2006

Join the überpositioning game

In marketing world we often define the competitive situation within the boundaries of other commercial companies in the same sector. Some visionary companies see themselves being part of a broader context and hereby define themselves as being in the business of “documenting life” (film, camera, phones, MP3 functionalities and all sorts of file-sharing companies comes to mind”). Some even realize that brands can be a part of actual popular culture.

Below are a couple of the positions already taken if your company wants to join the überpositioning game (I don’t remember where this list comes from):

Anne Frank The Diarist
Philip K. Dick The Futurist
Gary Null The Nutritionist
John Brown The Abolishionist
Harold Bloom The Theorist
Malcolm Forbes The Capitalist
Colson Whitehead The Intuitionist
Helen K. Foo The Dentist
Jean Paul Sartre The Existentialist
Mahatma Gandhi The Pacifist
Thom Jones The Pugilist
Philip Johnson The Postmodernist
E.T. The Alienist
Thomas Pynchon The Mist
Robert Motherwell The Abstract Expressionist
Martin Dressler The Tobacconist
E.O. Wilson The Sociobiologist
Leni Riefenstahl The Propagandist
Dave Brooks The Loyalist
Edward Hopper The Realist
Chris Martin The Scientist
Robert Penn Warren The Formalist
Sade The Sadist
Donald Antrim The Verificationist
Norah Jones The Sitarist
Piet Mondrian The Colorist
Carole Maso The Masochist
Kurt Vonnegut The Satirist
Henri Matisse The Fauvist
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow The Arsonist
Gabriel Garcia Marquez The Magic Realist
Romare Bearden The Collagist
Martha Stewart The Imperfectionist
Oliver Sacks The Neurologist
Narcissus The Narcissist
Thomas Merton The Trappist
Peter Eisenman The Deconstructivist
Oscar Schindler The List
Evan S. Connell The Rapist
Juan Gris The Cubist
Paulo Coelho The Alchemist
H.D. The Imagist
Jonathan Franzen The Correctionist
Arthur Miller The Dramatist'

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