January 30, 2006

Boat Names

On my way to work I passed by Christianshavn (an area of Copenhagen very similar to the Amsterdam canals). It has a very charming atmosphere with a combination of old navy folks, hippies (most of them living in Christiania - the famous free city community) and the still more affluent regular citizens. The canals are filled with different boats – several of them house boats (which looks kind of cold in the icy waters). It made me think of the everyday equivalents to our choices in the communications industry.

In the real world “the boat name” is obviously one of your biggest personal branding decisions a part - off course - from the naming of your children or animals.

Most of the boat names I saw were either nautical references, female names or of course aspirations of how the boat can become your “Heaven”, “Happiness”, “Sea Chateau”.
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