January 24, 2006

Gracias Barcelona

Ronaldinho, Messi, Puyol, Valdés, Belletti, Márquez, Larsson, Giuly, Maxi, Gio, Ezquerro, Edmílson, Sylvinho, Van Bommel, Gabri, Oleguer, Iniesta, Jorquera. Not to mention the modern day Coliseum that is Camp Nou, delicious tapas, Cerveza San Miguel, Great bars, lot’s of walking (which also included a little bit of more upstream cultural impact in the form of an exiting exhibition in the Macba – The Museum of Contemporary Art) and an overall charming city

This weekend I joined ten of my best friends for an amazing trip to Barcelona. We left the girlfriends at home so we could concentrate on nothing but pure enthusiasm for the Catalonian dream team. El Barca bested Alaves 2-0 and we saw sparks of genuine geniality from the world best player - the magical Ronaldinho. Our collective regret was that none of us made it as a sports commentator flying around the world just watching spectacular football like this.

One marketing insight occurred to me during the stay at Camp Nou and that is how strong football is in the era of battle for the best content on our multiple media platforms. Nike is present everywhere in the stadium area and they are also using Ronaldinho very cleverly in a lot of their advertising both traditionally and virally. But I think Ronaldinho and others could be used even more in the area of branded entertainment and even for more serious educational purposes. Why not have “Ronaldinhos Football School” presented by Nike and with a heavy presence online. Who knows maybe I’m not the only one wanting to learn from his tricks and tips.
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