January 13, 2006

Very Nice Magazine

I just bought this very funny cross-over between a magazine and an art project. It’s by an artist called Brendan Michael Carey. This first issue has been made in over 17.000 unique versions (over the past 30 months) of these wooden magazines (it’s just different pieces of wood) in all shapes and forms. Mine is one of the rare versions called “The Fashion Shoot Issue” where he has shot a hole through the magazine accompanied by the actual bullet. The second issue is going to bee a magazine made on different mirrors so the buyers themselves are the front cover superstars. It’s an interesting project and quite provocative in it’s questioning of our obsession with the glossy surfaces of fashion and the cutting edge media. Posted by Picasa


shawnhunor3413 said...

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Anonymous said...

Can you drop a weblink to Nice Magazine? I like the idea but would be nice to know where to see it in the flesh!

Rock'n'roll & Advertising said...

I haven't found their website only an e-mail:


Anonymous said...

this is brendan. I am very pleased to see your interest in nice magazine. there is no web site although in the near future there will be a series of different sites, but you may email me at bmc@flymail.fm

the wood represents the big bang of media and so this really is only the beginning. hold on tight.